How do we transport?


Our own fleet

More than 70% of our transport is carried on our own fleet, so we place a high value on the quality of our HGVs and semitrailers, which have an average age of less than 4 years.

The good condition and quality of the fleet is a differentiating value in Transova’s service. Our tractor units have an average age of 3 years and none is over four. All they are EURO6 by DAF, Renault and Man. In addition, they are geolocated on the Webfleet platform by Bridgestone, which allows us to reduce unnecessary use of fuel and improve maintenance by monitoring and analysing driving behaviour.

Moreover, our semitrailers are always purchased new, and are regularly replaced. They have an average age of 4 years. They are by Schmitz and Kögel, both in the top 5 manufacturers in 2022. All of the semitrailers have a roof system that can be elevated to 3 metres and offer the possibility of roof or lateral opening. In addition, each set has 22 ratchet straps, various types of corner protection and bars for securing the goods, which improve stowage in the shipment.  

Technology to make each shipment more dynamic

The whole transport process is managed using the software e-TMS (Transport Management System) by AndSoft, which provides dynamic and efficient management of all stages of transport:

The drivers use Track App, which is connected to our software, so we can continuously monitor the loading and unloading of each vehicle. It is also a very practical for attaching the documentation for each shipment and keeping it up to date.

Thus, at Transova all of our operations are under control at all times and we can respond to your needs quickly and precisely.