Where do we transport to?


European destinations

At Transova we provide land transport services to the whole of Europe, in particular the countries in the west of the continent. Our main logistics markets, and the ones we know best, are France, Spain, Portugal and Benelux.


The carriage of goods in Europe has been part of our DNA since the start of our activity. An international profile reinforced by the geographic location of our headquarters, on the border between France and Spain, which has enabled us to consolidate our position in these two markets with a high volume of operations.  

Alongside these two countries, we also specialise in land transport services with Portugal and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). In fact, in the case of Portugal, we have had offices there since 2008 to provide better service to local customers, which have increased over the years. 


Our extensive knowledge of these markets and their legislation help us provide a dynamic and flexible service to the companies that place their trust in Transova. We have been managing shipments and covering kilometres in these countries for more than 50 years so we know what to do in every situation.

While this is the geographic scope in which we operate primarily, our working radius stretches further. We also carry out regular international transport of goods to and from Germany, Switzerland and Italy, and provide longer-distance solutions to other European destinations.


If you wish to transport a load to one of the aforementioned countries, or somewhere else, contact us. At Transova we’ll adapt the proposal to your needs so that your shipment is at the destination within the desired time.