What do we transport


Types of goods

Find the most suitable land transport solution for goods your company needs, with direct assistance and an adapted service.

After decades specialising and improving our processes, we can guarantee a logistics solution for Europe optimised for FTL and LTL shipments of non-perishable products such as:
When should I choose FTL or LTL? Usually, choosing one option or the other depends on strategic decisions or specific needs, in addition to the volume of goods a transport:

Full load

(Full Truck Load)
Perfect for transporting large volumes of goods (dozens of products at the same time) or large parts. In addition, as the vehicle if fully reserved for you, there are no other ports of call to collect other loads, so delivery may be quicker; this speed may sometimes compensate using a full load even if the vehicle is not full. Finally, a full load means the vehicle is not shared, which reduces handling for stowage and increases the security of the shipment, in addition to allowing some special characteristics to be negotiated.

Half or fractioned load

(Less than Truck Load)
For shipments that will not fill a whole trailer and that, due to the characteristics of the goods or transport, do not have concrete care instructions or require a specific speed of delivery. This can entail economic savings and avoid waiting until a vehicle is full, but in contrast may involve longer delivery terms for the goods compared to a full load.

If your company needs to make a shipment and the best option is road transport, contact us. We will find the optimum solution to transport it within the times you specify.