Our History


More than 50 years transporting goods throughout Europe

Can a company, launched half a century ago with a clear specialisation, open up to new opportunities and adapt to new technologies? Transova proves that it can. Our history has evolved within European logistics, with the organic growth of a multinational team focusing on the brand’s values and a strategy based on boosting the strengths of an optimised service.

Moving facilities, modernising the fleet, increasing our services, incorporating technological innovations… Transova’s development has been a constant adaptation to be more and more efficient, without losing our essence: proximity and personalised assistance. Now we propose a journey in time that starts in France in 1973 and continues today throughout the whole of Europe.

Transova began in France: road transport services

Founded by Jacques Artola, the current administrator, the original business was centred on the transport of potatoes and fruit from France and Spain to the rest of Europe.  

Diversification of services: customs

The company focused on customs on the border between France and Spain, as at that time it was a major economic centre that concentrated a high volume of traffic between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe.

New location in France

With the arrival of the European single market and the disappearance of the border, Transova moved to a strategic point on the border between France and Spain, next to the motorway that connects the two countries.

Creation of Transova in Spain

In the late 1900s, the Spanish entity was created: Transova Norte S.L. It was created to provide better service to the growing number of customers in Spain.

Specialised in road transport

All commercial activity, of both the French and Spanish companies, was unified in Transova Norte and the Spanish company acquired the French company's portfolio of clients. Its activity is still centred on road transport of goods in Europe.

Creation of Transova in Portugal

The company grew and the shipments of goods beyond France and Spain increased. Goods were regularly transported to most European countries, including Portugal. To strengthen the service and care for Portuguese customers, we founded Transova Lusitana Lda.

Quality certification ISO 9001:2000

We obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification, one of the most important international quality standards, that accredits our efficient management and the ongoing improvement of our work processes.

Launch of the Garbilan HGV and bus wash in France

The company acquired a wash station for large vehicles. The Garbilan HGV and bus wash is next to the exit from the motorway connecting France and Spain, and provides a comprehensive cleaning service for all types of commercial vehicles.

Implementation of the new ERP: optimised management

In 2020 we implemented the e-TMS (Transport Management System) by AndSoft, for dynamic and effective management of all stages of transport from the moment the order comes in, to the delivery of the goods.

Track App for our drivers

This is an application connected to our e-TMS management software that allows us to keep our loading and unloading up to date at all times. In addition, it makes it possible to automatically attach the transport documentation with each shipment recorded and add incidents if there are any.

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